25 - 26 April 2023ExCel London
25 - 26 April 2023 / ExCel, London

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At the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas), we exist to make working life better for everyone in Britain. We are a trusted, independent and impartial public body providing advice and support on all workplace issues to improve productivity and fairness, and reduce workplace conflict, which costs businesses nearly £30 billion every year. Acas works with millions of employers and employees every year to improve workplace relationships, so we know how to help you get it right. Healthy working relationships are critical not just to the success of workplaces and the economy, but also because they allow people to flourish and find meaning, purpose and fulfilment at work. We help resolve workplace problems by thinking first about the people involved, and giving them the skills to have open and honest, and sometimes difficult conversations. We help prevent disputes before they happen with training, advice and in-house specialist support; and resolve them when they arise through our dispute resolution services, which give those involved the opportunity to find solutions to prevent large scale disruptive industrial action, and avoid costly, time-consuming employment tribunals. Acas is governed by an independent council representing employers, trade unions, and independents. We work closely with partners, including in Government, business, the trade union movement, thinktanks and charities to increase awareness of good working practices and to think about the future of workplaces. Together, we make working life better for everyone in Britain.

EVENTWELL - WHO ARE WE? We’re the Event Industry’s charitable social enterprise dedicated to educating and campaigning for better mental health and wellbeing in events, equipping event professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to stay event well. OUR MISSION The Mental Health and Wellbeing voice of the Event Industry OUR VISION To make tangible change to the Event Industry’s relationship with wellbeing OUR CORE VALUES #EMPATHY #CULTURE #SELFCARE We work with the event industry – to encourage better understanding and #EMPATHY Working in partnership with event industry associations, national and international events and exhibitions, universities and colleges, to deliver free education that creates better understanding, challenges discrimination, and encourages open conversations on wellbeing and mental health in the event industry We work with event businesses – to inspire positive leadership and #CULTURE Working with event industry businesses and creative organisations to support and develop workplace wellbeing best practice, proactive leadership, positive culture, and in-house team forums that encourage open conversations on wellbeing and mental health and the support available We work with event professionals – to change attitudes to #SELFCARE Working with and supporting individuals with education and training in self-care, healthy lifestyle, essential life skills, and mental health first aid, in addition to providing confidential support and a ‘go to’ wellbeing and mental health resource Not forgetting that we are the founders and leaders of Event Wellbeing Week in September, and NEW for 2020 Event Wellbeing Day in February

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