25 - 26 April 2023ExCel London
25 - 26 April 2023 / ExCel, London

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2022 Virtual Reality for Employee Wellbeing

See how Virtual Reality (VR) is relevant to Empathy training, D&I and Wellness initiatives by creating a safe environment for practice and learning

Visit the VR4 space on the show floor and take the opportunity to enjoy an immersive experience and learn how VR can help you:

  • Support Mental Wellbeing by taking a short and pleasant trip to a place of calm and tranquility, practicing breathing techniques in a programme developed to create a mindful state
  • Learn about the impact of micro-aggressions and seeing things from another person’s perspective, through an interaction with a realistic avatar, designed to make you reflect on your reaction to their situation and feel what discrimination can feel like.
  • Develop soft-skills through a scenario at a 1:2:1 meeting, where you are challenged to identify instances of non-inclusive behaviour

Or simply learn about why VR technology is such a fantastic tool and aid for a range of workplace activities.

+ Add your thoughts to the Watercooler ‘Mood Board” using a VR painting application.

In addition to the interactive demos on the show floor VR4 will be hosting Roundtables during the show on the Gallery Level Roundtables.

Virtual Reality Roundtable @ The Watercooler

Hosted by Joshua Patterson Co-Founder of VR4 this roundtable will be considering the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in the workplace to support wellbeing initiatives

Join in the discussion to explore the current state and evolution of the use of VR in the workplace, varying from Learning and development, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion to Wellbeing.you will be able to:

  • share experiences of VR in the workplace
  • discuss the strengths and opportunities of VR in the workplace
  • understand the dangers, obstacles and limits of VR
  • contribute to a report of the current state of VR in the workplace, and help put together a predictive statement of how its use will be adopted and developed upon in the near future

Roundtables are free to attend or you can reserve a seat by contacting:
Steve Winter from VR4 at steve@vr4.co.uk

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