25 - 26 April 2023ExCel London
25 - 26 April 2023 / ExCel, London

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Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing links with environmental, social and mental wellbeing. Workplace environment – for example, everything from ergonomics to biodiversity can impact physical wellbeing. Activities that promote physical wellbeing can also promote social wellbeing. Poor physical wellbeing is often associated with poor mental wellbeing and vice versa.

Improving the mental and physical wellbeing of employees make sound financial sense. An ERS Research & Consultancy report determined lost UK businesses around £29bn per year from absenteeism of others who fall ill for various reasons and miss work, with the average worker taking 6.6 days off per annum as a result of getting sick.

At The Watercooler you’ll be able to explore

  • your wellbeing strategy
  • physical wellbeing
  • preventing burnout
Free to attend sessions include:
  • Case Study: Effectively Promoting and Communicating the Benefits of Physical Wellbeing
  • Case Study: Supporting Your Employees' Emotional Health: The Benefits of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and How it Aids Physical Wellbeing
  • Case Study: Implementing a Bespoke and Sustainable Wellbeing Programme to Support Human Performance
Round Tables

Our 45 minute roundtables are your opportunity to share experiences off the record, create new connections and source ideas to take your workplace wellbeing toolkit to the next level. Topics include:

  • The big C: Supporting colleagues living with and beyond cancer
  • How can employers realistically encourage colleagues to eat well?
  • Engaging employees with physical wellbeing
  • Inclusive approaches to supporting fertility and menopause in the workplace

The workshops at The Watercooler offer the opportunity to dive deeper into key topics and find answers to your specific Physical Wellbeing questions. Topics include:

  • How to implement workplace wellbeing on a shoestring budget
  • Maximise impact and budget with a joined-up physical, mental, social, financial and environmental wellbeing strategy


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